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State of the YouTube: YouTube’s half-hearted shrug against harassment makes no one happy

by Tanner Kinney Another day, another problem for massive video-sharing giant YouTube. It seems like every few months, the platform gets itself wrapped up in another controversy. Sometimes it can be controversies created by the platform itself, other times it’ll be controversies connected to YouTube. For the low-level grunts running the social media accounts and dealing with customer service, it has to be frustrating getting so many awful things airdropped in out of nowhere, then being forced to deal with the consequences because upper-management is too busy figuring out new ways to promote up-and-coming stars like Jimmy Fallon or Will Smith. Oh, that’s not-so-hot, is it? Well, unfortunately for YouTube they found themselves in scalding hot water once again. And unlike the last few times, this case can truly set a precedent for the future of the platform.

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a video detailing numerous cases where Crowder used derogatory language to insult Maza demonetizing LGBT content in the past quoted Crowder’s personal video on Twitter another Tweet from Shaun
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