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James Gunn Back Again, J.K. Rowling Backpedaling, Tinder Favors Attractive People | Pop Tabs


On this special lost episode, Matthew, Emily, and Jeremy discuss James Gunn’s return to Marvel/Disney, how J.K. Rowling can’t stop won’t stop adding to the Harry Potter lore, and how Tinder favors attractive people.

Time Stamps:
Tinder: 0:25
J.K. Rowling: 9:45
James Gunn: 19:50

Pop Tabs is Byte’s news commentary podcast, focusing on popular culture and how it relates to issues in the media world.

Host: Matthew Yapp
Guests: Jeremy Rogers, Emily Reuben
Executive Producer: Phil Akin
Video Editing: Kyle Crawford
Audio Editing: Eli Sokeland
Graphics: Daley Wilhelm, Sarah James, Tt Shinkan
Music: Jack McGinnis

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