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American Football crafts another emotional work of art with 'American Football (LP3)'

By Brandon Carson American Football were ahead of their time back in 1999 with their first record, American Football. The album had a sound like no other. But shortly after, they broke up. Fifteen years later, the band and many fans celebrated the 15th anniversary of the record. That led to a tour, which eventually led to the band getting back into the studio. American Football (LP2) was released in 2016, to the surprise of many. While mainly a sequel to its predecessor, the record truly captured the band’s sound back to the '90s. With no signs of slowing down, American Football just released (LP3). Yes, it still has the American Football sound they became critically acclaimed for, but this album has a whole new flow. This album breathes, and the listener can feel it. A more atmospheric sound takes control and meshes with the lyrics to where they build each other up. Gorgeous arrangements, great guest appearances and incredibly poetic lyrics create an honest album filled with emotion.

A gorgeous, expanded sound


Excellent guest appearances

Tight, crisp performances

LP3 envoke
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