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SWMRS start to sink after releasing ‘Berkley’s on Fire’

by Olivia Weinzapfel SWMRS, after a 3-year hiatus, made a reappearance into the music scene with their fourth album, Berkley’s on Fire. Their punk style was on its way to dominating the alt-rock scene, since not many contemporary bands can put off that kind of boldness. Berkley’s on Fire is similar to their other releases, but this time around they added a mainstream pop twist. They did this in a very haphazard way; punk rock is supposed to be riotous, but SWMRS’s use of disorganized fun in this album isn’t what it used to be.

Freshly outdated

Berkley’s on Fire Berkley’s on Fire

Slapdash genre adjustments

Berkley’s on Fire Drive North Berkley’s on Fire
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