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Deerhunter enters new territory on 'Why Hasn’t Everything Disappeared Already?'

by Brandon Carson Deerhunter may not ring a bell to the common music listener but, in the Indie music world, the band brings something new to the table with every release. Each album is something different from psychedelic rock, to alternative, pop, garage rock, and straight-up indie. The band broke new ground in pop-rock with 2010's Halcyon Digest, a beautiful pop album with a wide soundscape and captivating hooks. However, that sound would not last forever—not even for another album. In 2013, Deerhunter turned up their amps and plugged in their fuzz pedals for Monomania, which is exactly what it sounds like, but with Deerhunter hooks. The point is: the band is always doing something different with their discography. It was no surprise that they would bring new sounds to the table with Why Hasn’t Everything Disappeared Already?, but the real surprise came in the lyrics and structures. On Disappeared, Deerhunter creates beautiful soundscapes that are complimented by melancholy lyrics. However, the songs themselves aren’t entirely memorable.

Beautiful instrumentals with plenty of variety


Imaginative lyrics

Disappeared Disappeared

Lacks staying power

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