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Top 5 crossovers within "American Horror Story: Apocalypse"

by Ethan Altmark American Horror Story: Apocalypse is the 8th season of the American Horror Story franchise. This season’s storyline is centered around the end of days and the events leading up to the cataclysm and after it. Apocalypse uses storylines from previous seasons notably Season 1: Murder House and Season 3: Coven. The latest installment presents another eerie storyline with phenomenal acting, great set pieces and an interesting take on linear storytelling. Although this Season has many connections and Easter eggs, I have selected the 5 most intriguing crossovers of the new season.

5: Stevie Nicks

When Stevie was brought back for episode 5 “Boy Wonder” the audience is presented with a rendition of “Gypsy.” It is no secret that the creators and actors of American Horror Story love Stevie Nicks. She has been impactful on and off screen to this franchise, as her music was used heavily in Season 3 Coven: along with several appearances that season. To bring back Nicks in this season was an indication that the whole crew of the Coven is getting back together to take on the biggest threat to humanity the series has ever seen. Stevie Nicks will forever be an integral part of American Horror Story’s Coven.
Image from TV Insider

4: The Coven

The Crew is back from either resurrection, escape from personal hells, or a rescue mission from a certain Hotel Cortez (AHS: Season 5 Hotel). That’s right: Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts), Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga), Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy), Misty Day (Lily Rabe) and Nan (Jamie Brewer) are all back together. A reunion that for many was heart felt as we get closure and answers to where these characters were left off in Season 3. In addition, two new witches are introduced this season: Mallory played by Billie Lourd and Coco Vanderbilt played by Leslie Grossman. The much-needed reunion is not all for fanfare as these witches must go head to head with the Antichrist himself as Michael Langdon has successfully completed the seven wonders necessary to gain the title of supreme.
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3: Cordelia Goode

Along with the Coven, their Supreme, Cordelia Goode reappears in this season, played by the tour de force that is Sarah Paulson. After taking the Coven and Witches public at the end of Season 3 Cordelia is under immense pressure as the Supreme (The Head Witch) fears of the end of days through visions and foretold prophecy that the Antichrist has risen and will bring destruction to everything on Earth. As a result, Cordelia recruits and resurrects her past Coven members and forms an alliance against the supposed son of Satan.
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2: The Murder House

In episode 6 aptly named “Return to Murder House” Madison and Behold Chablis (Billy Porter) are sent to the Murder House, where American Horror Story all began, to collect information on Michael Langdon’s past. Within the episode a majority of the characters from the first season are reprised such as Dr. Harmon (Dylan McDermott), Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange), Tate Langdon (Evan Peters), Moira O’Hara (Frances Conroy), and Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson). Included in this nostalgic episode is the conclusion of some of the arcs for the characters such as Tate and Violet getting together, Dr. Harmon and his wife finally speaking again, and we see how Constance dies and how Michael Langdon was raised into the Antichrist that we know him to be now.
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1: Michael Langdon

  As the baby born in the Murder House at the end of Season 1, this may be the biggest connection and call back of them all. As Langdon is the main antagonist for the season, he is presumed to be the Antichrist and he plans to end the world and reshape it in his own image. After performing the Seven Wonders, it is proven that Michael is the most powerful being on Earth. Performed by Cody Fern, the character of Langdon is a very emotional character, he reacts violently and impulsively, similar traits to other antagonists in previous AHS stories. Michael Langdon is the culmination of the success and progress the American Horror Story franchise has made, making his character the ultimate connection from Season 8 all the way to Season 1.
Image from American Horror Story Wikia
American Horror Story: Apocalypse has been a fascinating edition to the series as it capitalizes on past episodes while creating its own narrative and distinct storyline. Apocalypse balanced the cohesion of old characters and new characters, supplementing the new storyline with the rich narrative of previous seasons, providing for a new and rewarding experience for any veteran of the American Horror Story series. Using crossovers and call backs gives this particular drama a feeling of depth and history that previous seasons could not draw from. I will be impatiently waiting to see where the next season of American Horror Story will lead us.
Images: TV InsiderTVwebEntertainment WeeklyAmerican Horror Story Wikia Featured Image: Katherine Sinkovics