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The 1975 have a standout album with ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’

by Katherine Richardson If you’re wondering why society is as messed up as it is, The 1975 might have an answer. With a focus on the ever transforming relationships of partners, strangers, and the relationship we have with ourselves, the newest album from The 1975 gives listeners plenty of songs to dance to while contemplating why society is the way it is today.  A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, released at the end of November, is full of a variety of musical styles, many uncommon for the band to use, and presents an honest summary of a modern day relationship intertwined with an analysis of modern society as a whole.

A Musical Smorgasbord

Honest and Harsh Lyrics

Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships 

Sad Lyrics, (Mostly) Happy Instrumentals

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Top Tracks: Recommended if you like: