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How to improve YouTube Rewind 2019

by Tt Shinkan The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the opinion of Byte or Byte's editorial board. It has always been my dream to work at Rooster Teeth, but after watching this year’s YouTube Rewind, I’ve actually changed my mind. From the unknown YouTubers to the Fortnite dances, there was nothing that I loved about this video. So YouTube, if you’re reading this, and chances are you’re not (Because why would you click on a random college publication’s article?), but if by some chance you are, I am throwing my name into the ring for your next hire. If you were to hire me, I would give you fantastic suggestions on how to improve next year’s YouTube Rewind. In fact, why keep it a secret? You people deserve to know what’s been cooking in this mind of mine. So without further ado, here’s a list of improvements I would make to boost those likes on future Rewinds.

1. Cancel it

Just cancel the thing. It hasn’t been good since I was in high school and the only good thing about Rewind now is the work of the animators who spend too much time animating a sequence only to have most of it cut out. Also, who the heck were most of those people?

2. Why did you drag Will Smith into this?

Will, are you ok? You’re so much better than this.
Image from Syracuse

3. Check the Likes and Dislikes

Need I say more?

4. Re-read Point #1

If it hasn’t gotten to you yet, it needs to stop now before it gets worse.

5. Leave Fortnite out of this

After seeing kids at a German restaurant at Disney Fortnite-dancing to German music, I have started to lose all hope for the next generation. By including Fortnite in Rewind, you’re further driving that last bit of hope away.
Image from Washington Post
I hope YouTube takes at least one of these suggestions. I really think they would help for next year’s YouTube Rewind.
Sources: YouTube Images: YouTube, SyracuseWashington Post Featured Image: Tt Shinkan