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Earl Sweatshirt returns with a new sound for hip/hop on 'Some Rap Songs'

by Brandon Carson Three years have passed since Earl Sweatshirt’s (aka Thebe Kgositsile) second record I Don’t Like Sh**, I Don’t Go Outside and his fans have been wondering when he was going to make new music. Over 2017 he tweeted that new music was being made to get buzz circulating. However, this album is far from what his last two albums were instrumentally and sonically. On Some Rap Songs, Earl creates a sound that is unlike anything out now in hip-hop. He creates a mood that sticks with the listener throughout the entire record and even after. His lyrics stay mostly as in-depth and introverted as they usually are. On this album, the lyrics are sadder and more introspective about his life, state of mind, and current emotional state after the tragic loss of his father.

A new sound

Lyrics and subject matter that add to the sorrowful tone

Some Rap Songs

A triumph in alternative/experimental hip/hop

Some Rap Songs Recommended if you like: Top Tracks:

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