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On ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’, Greta Van Fleet stick to their 70’s roots but miss the mark

by Brandon Carson What else is left to say about Greta Van Fleet that hasn’t been said? Do they sound like Led Zeppelin? Yes, absolutely. I remember when I heard ‘Safari Song’ from their EP ‘From the Fires’ for the first time and all I could think of was Led Zeppelin. In fact, I played the song for my friends and asked them to guess who it was; and who was their guess? Led Zeppelin. The influences of Zeppelin and 70’s rock are very much in the forefront for Greta Van Fleet, however with this album you can hear hints of their own sound come out. But unfortunately, it is mostly bogged down in their influences and choruses that aren’t memorable.

Fantastic riffs with melodic groove

Great production, but a lot of influence

a lot

Diamonds in the rough

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