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Heartland Film Festival: ‘From Normal to Extraordinary: Ball State’s First Century’ is a lecture that can be skipped

by Tanner Kinney When measuring the milestones of anything, we tend to put value into the multiples of ten, sometimes five. Although it may not be significant in terms of the time this Earth has been around, human lives are short enough that ten years is truly a long time. So when a company, organization, or even University reaches the tremendous milestone of a full century, it’s a feat to be celebrated. These entities have existed long before us, and will be likely to continue after we expire, through more hardships and triumphs than the human mind can comprehend. So, when a story is told about these great milestones there should be plenty of material to tell a story that feels like a true movie narrative. Howard, a documentary finalist at Heartland this year, manages to do that with a life that was tragically cut short, so there should be no issue for Ball State University to tell its story in a similar grandiose fashion. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-KLNAHYBDE[/embed] As a Cardinal myself (obviously), I can say that I definitely did feel a sense of pride while watching From Normal to Extraordinary: Ball State’s First Century, at least somewhere deep within my soul. For the most part though that pride was buried underneath an overpowering sense of clock-watching, toe-tapping, doodling-in-my-notes boredom.

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From Normal to Extraordinary

How long is this lecture again?

From Normal to Extraordinary From Normal to Extraordinary Howard Howard
From Normal to Extraordinary From Normal to Extraordinary From Normal to Extraordinary
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