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On 'Room 25' Noname elevates her sound for a stellar debut studio album

by Jack Gillespie When Fatima Nyeema Warner, aka Noname, released her debut mixtape Telefone in 2015, she quickly solidified herself as a unique voice in hip-hop and one of the most promising artists in the scene. Her rapping, while at times frustratingly soft-spoken and amateurish, bordered on beat poetry in a fascinating way, and her understated positivity was something that nobody in rap was or is bringing to the table. It was evident that with some extra work, the Chicago rapper, poet, and songwriter is capable of making something even greater; maybe even legendary. While she doesn’t quite reach "legendary", Room 25 is a greater work in almost every aspect and definitely lives up to the expectations that her debut album has set.

From poet to performer

Room 25 Room 25 ,”I know my body's fragile, know it's made from clay/ But if I have to go, I pray my soul is still eternal/ And my momma don't forget about me/ I pray my momma don't forget about me”

From synthetic to organic

Telefone Room 25,
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