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Guerilla Toss creates a universal indie rock adventure with ‘Twisted Crystal’

by Brandon Carson Guerilla Toss is no stranger to new-wave and art pop, but on ‘Twisted Crystal’, they expand their sound on all fronts with surf rock sounds, chopped up, vaporizing synths, and drum machines that make up a truly unique production. All the members bring something new to the table in each song with entertaining performances that feel fresh and exciting. In only half an hour, Guerilla Toss takes you on an adventure through space and time.

An out of this world production

The synths feel like the last pieces of a puzzle that make a complex picture.  ‘Magic Is Easy’, the album’s opener, grooves with fat heavy synths paving the way for singer Kassie Carlson’s voice to flow easily.

Tremendous performances with great passion

Truly unique

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