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Theories on v2: Where is it?

By Baylie Clevenger The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the opinion of Byte or Byte’s editorial board. After the video-looping app Vine died in 2017, an announcement of any kind of re-launching or revival for this beloved app has been much anticipated. Needless to say, when the creator of Vine, Dom Hofmann, announced what he calls v2 in December of 2017, users of the original app were elated. The launch was set for March of 2018. However, as March came and went those who were looking forward to this relaunch were disappointed to say the least. It was not until May 4 that Hofmann announced that the launch of v2 would be postponed indefinitely.

With all of the hype surrounding this new app, what would make them want to postpone it indefinitely? Well, I have a few theories. These are just theories and are not meant to harm anyone or tarnish any reputation.

Theory #1: There never was a Vine 2

Even though the reaction to the announcement of v2 was overwhelmingly positive, it almost never felt real. Throughout the few months of waiting for v2, there were no major updates on the progression of this new app. The only update that was given was for a forum about v2. I actually tried to make an account for this forum when the link was still available on Hofmann’s Twitter. It never let me and so I never got access to it. I thought this was questionable at best but decided to wait in excitement for the app anyway. My suspicions were confirmed when the postponement was announced. A reasonable cause for this delay could be that Hofmann is working on a different project, which is stated in his Twitter bio. He may want to bring attention to his name so that all of the hype from v2 could easily then be attention for this hypothetical project. I is also easy to think that he could have been doing it for Twitter followers. Today’s online culture makes followers the most important part of the lives of many. It is possible that he wanted more attention in general.

Theory #2: Hofmann may work for Instagram

This is an interesting theory considering the recent controversy with Facebook over user safety and data misuse, since they now own Instagram. Upon viewing Hofmann’s Twitter, it is apparent that all of his tweets concerning anything other than Instagram have been deleted. All of the tweets are in a singular thread about how versatile instagram is. He mentions many of Instagram’s new features and claims that anyone building a consumer service should “be wary of IG.” With all of this praise of Instagram being the only content that exists on his Twitter, it would not be surprising to learn he may be working with Instagram now and did not want to create v2 which would be competition for Instagram.

Theory #3: Data misuse

To me, this theory seems to be the most compelling. As mentioned before, Instagram belongs to Facebook. Facebook was also involved in a scandal involving misuse of user data. My final theory is that Instagram paid him off to either postpone or cancel v2. They could have done so because they did not want to lose users because they want to be able to collect their data and continue to use it. The more people who join/use Instagram, the more people they have information on. Then the more people they have information on, the more people they can tailor ads to which then allows them to make more money from ads. Once again, these are all just theories. The evidence for all three conclusions is compelling and begs the question: What happened to Vine 2?
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