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Mother's Day: Celebrating the mothers of gaming

By Emily Reuben, Jeremy Rogers, and Ben Sapet
Video games don’t spend much time on moms. Plenty of dads go on sprawling adventures while most video game moms get a few throwaway lines or die tragically before the story even starts. However, when games devote time and attention to mothers, we get some of the coolest, most compelling characters in gaming. Here are some of our favorite moms in video games:

Undertale – Toriel 

From the very moment you begin your journey in Undertale, Toriel is there to welcome you with a cozy place to stay and a warm piece of pie. Toriel not only adopts you at the start of the game, she also adopted the first human to fall into the Underground years prior. Having taken in two children despite having had her own as well, you’d be hard pressed to find a more selfless example of a virtual mother. Not only is she a great mother, Toriel is funny, smart, and very protective of the people she loves and she isn’t afraid to speak out against her misguided husband.
Image from Game Cola
Being such a lovable character, Toriel makes completing Undertale’s ruthless genocide mode a challenge. After all, who wants to kill the person who took you in, read you a nice story, and offered you warm food? If a character is so compelling that the idea of killing her can prevent players from playing a part of the game, she is obviously worthy of some celebration on Mother's Day. -Emily Reuben

Dragon Age: Origins – Flemeth

The legends of illusive shapeshifting witch Flemeth seem to lurk beneath the surface of much of the lore laid out in Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins. The player stumbles upon Flemeth, known as “the Witch of the Wilds” and “Mother of Vengeance,” deep in the woods. Her ulterior motives and manipulation loom over the plot as you travel with her daughter, Morrigan, and learn more about Flemeth.

Image from Dragon Age Wiki

Ben Sapet

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – The Boss

Image from Metal Gear Informer

Ben Sapet

Overwatch – Ana Amari


Image from Game Informer

Ben Sapet

Pokémon - Marowak haunting the Pokémon Tower

Image from Amino Apps
-Jeremy Rogers