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The Coven S4E10: Channel Awesome is not so awesome


We're back witches, with another magical episode of the Coven Podcast. This week, we're looking at the issues surrounding Channel Awesome. From sexual harassment, rape scripts, mismanagement, and non-apologies for all this, it seems to be one of YouTube's many sinking ships. Is this a symptom of the greater issues with YouTube? With Hollywood? How did it get this bad? Is there any surviving this scandal? We'll examine the Channel Awesome Implosion as a what NOT to do when faced with such a wide-ranging scandal. Let's talk about the State of the YouTube: will it survive as a platform? Are we all just being nostalgic for the good old days? Are these issues just growing pains? Hosted by: Daley Wilhelm, Matthew Yapp, Emily Reuben Edited by: Carmen Peterson Graphic by: Daley Wilhelm