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‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3, Episode 3: “Kota”

 Warning: This review may contain spoilers for this episode and previous episodes of My Hero Academia

This episode continues on with the training camp arc, and shows the  class pushing to their limits of their quirks. This episode progresses  the plot and leads into some suspenseful action by the end of the  episode. Throughout the episode, characters connected with one another  and shared some personal goals that will be exciting to see on the  screen.

Image from Funimation

Both class 1-A and 1-B of UA are put into intense training at the  start of the episode to push their quirks to their limits. They are  trying to max out their quirks in order for them to grow strong, making  for an interesting experience for the viewer. It gives the viewer a  chance to see beautiful animations of each person’s’ ability without  them actually being in battle. It also shows how much stronger each  classmate has become with his/her own quirk. Bakugo’s especially looks  powerful with him boiling his hands in water before creating giant  blasts up in the air. This adds some humor to the episode as well  because of him getting mad at himself for not thinking he is doing well.

More spotlight is put on the Wild, Wild Pussycats, a group of four  professional heroes meant to help out with training. They are a tad bit  excessive, but do appear to be helping the heroes with their training.  The male pussycat, Tiger, intimidates the kids right off the bat with  one commenting how he’s not what they expected.

After a long day of training, the heroes have to cook for themselves,  allowing for some more friendly bonding. It also allows the viewer to  see Deku’s caring towards the hero-hating child, Kota. His kindness is  shown by bringing Kota some curry after he missed supper. The entire  interaction between the two makes the viewer feel for the kid and how  much he must be hurting, even though he comes off as spiteful.

Image from Funimation

This episode helped with connecting the viewer with the characters  and seeing where they may be coming from. It focuses on others outside  of the Class 1-A, and gives the viewer a chance to see other quirks in  action. It was interesting to find out more about the Wild, Wild  Pussycats and Kota. I also really liked seeing the children interact  while cooking and see Bakugo’s hidden talent of chopping up food rather  quickly.

It was interesting to see Deku caring for a child and helps give  insight on how he will be once he is a professional hero: one who will  truly care. It is refreshing to see him interact with a civilian without  expecting anyone to notice his good deeds and helps showcase his  selflessness. Deku will truly make a good-hearted hero.

That’s when the action of the episode starts. A small group of  villains from the League of Villains are about to attack the students at  camp. All of the villains look creepy, with the weirdest being a  creature covered in black with just his mouth free and oddly swaying as  he walks. There is also a lizard guy that appears to be a Stain-wannabe,  the hero killer from last season. Since we do not know what their  quirks are, it creates excitement to see new attack moves but also fear  for the heroes.

The viewer is put on edge because the villains don’t attack  immediately, leaving the viewer to question when they actually will.  This suspense in the episode makes it so much more entertaining to  watch. Every moment, you are just waiting for it to start and wondering  when it will happen. I found myself holding my breath because of not  knowing what was about to happen and who these people are.

Image from Funimation

In this episode, the flashbacks have more of a purpose and makes the  viewer feel reminiscent and sad, especially when it shows Deku as a kid  wishing and trying for a quirk that didn’t happen. It also has beautiful  scenes, like flashing between Deku, Bakugo and Shoto after Erasure said  to never forget why there were here and to remember how far they had  come. When Deku looks at the scars on his hands, it packs a powerful  punch. He has more control of his quirk now and has a handle on it.

Although Deku is one of the most powerful members of class 1-A, he  still worries about offending some of the others. His conversation with  Shoto shows this, but it gives a more caring look into how Shoto sees  things.

The attack by the villains starts and almost immediately, the viewer  is on the edge of their seat worried about their favorite characters. No  one knows where they are to make it less likely the villains would find  them, which is bad. The hero he is, Deku, tries to go help Pixie-Bob,  but is stopped by the teachers in a face off with two villains.

The episode ends in a suspenseful place with the viewer wanting more  as soon as the end credits start. It ends in the worst possible place  with everything about to go south. Overall, this episode makes the  viewer feel a lot of emotions, with the greatest being fear of what is  coming next.

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