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MCU Recap: Where is everyone?

By Joe Bursley WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.             Unless your head has been buried under an Infinity Stone, you’ll know that this week marks the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War. A massive movie event that has been teased since the original Avengers six years ago, this film marks a turning point in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe with the highest stakes yet, as well as twists allegedly so shocking that Marvel has refused to reveal the name of Avengers 4.             However, the MCU currently sits at 18 separate movies preceding Infinity War, and this upcoming blockbuster apparently has 76 total characters in the movie. With so much plot and so many characters to keep track of, you may be asking yourself, “Wait, what’s going on again?” So, if you’ve missed a movie or two, or need a refresher since it’s been a few months, I’ve got you covered. Here is your quick recap of the MCU before Infinity War. Earth-bound: The Avengers, or what’s left of them.             The most recent bombshell movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was Avengers 2.5—er, Captain America: Civil War. This film, based loosely on the comic book event of the same name, follows Captain America as he feuds with Iron Man over the Sokovia Accords: an international government watchdog regulation that would keep the Avengers from acting as vigilantes, with all the collateral damage they’ve caused. No matter that Steve Rogers has helped stop World War II, an alien invasion of New York, an evil Nazi organization operating within the US government, and an army of robots created by Tony Stark’s failed AI program. But the Avengers accidentally blew up an office building while on duty, so they obviously need to be reeled in.

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and Iron Man-esque arc Space-bound: The Universe of the MCU             Guardians of the Galaxy
Thor Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 purify the word “daddy.”

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