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Ex-'StarCraft II' GM Eli Brown re-launches eSports team management website, Guilded

by Tanner Kinney On April 4, 2018, ex-StarCraft GM Eli Brown and his team launch the new beta of their eSports team management website, Guilded. The site was first put into development a year ago, with Brown and his team wanting to create a much easier way to manage all the different happenings within the specific eSports teams. Brown’s goal was to create a program that streamlined the team management experience as, being a former GM himself, he understood that managing a whole bunch of different programs was clunky and not user-friendly. With Guilded, he hoped to provide a solution to these teams. The website contains a number of valuable features for eSports teams and communities. The site allows users to find and create teams, either using accounts created through the site or by linking a Discord account. Users can then apply to join teams or simply follow them for more information about upcoming events. These teams can also create community forums for fans to discuss changes within the game or recent team results. This is designed to help foster a greater sense of community outside of other social media platforms, like Twitter or Reddit. Features within the team environment also got overhauled as well. The team rosters system has been completely changed to allow sorting by specific games. For example, a team like Cloud 9, who is in partnership with Guilded, has teams in a number of different eSports. 

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