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Carpenter Brut's 'Leather Teeth' captures the essence of '80s horror and glam rock in a single album

by Ben Sapet In the late 1970s going into 1980s, horror movies changed dramatically as genres shifted from psychological thrillers to slashers, and the piercing string-heavy scores gave way to tense, swirling synthesizers. This change was due in no small part to the now-legendary writer, director, and composer John Carpenter (most famous for Halloween and The Thing) who effectively changed the sound and atmosphere of horror movies. At the same time, theatrically macabre metal acts like Alice Cooper and KISS gave way to the pop-infused glam metal made famous by Mötley Crüe, Poison, and Quiet Riot. The intersection of these movements in film and music inspires Carpenter Brut’s latest album, Leather Teeth. The French synthwave/darkwave artist has not been quiet about the inspiration he’s taken from John Carpenter (his namesake) and metal. The album manages to combine these inspirations to great effect. Leather Teeth is framed as the soundtrack to an imagined 80s coming of age slasher movie of the same name. The release trailer introduces the movie/album’s concept. A freak lab accident transforms a nerdy high-schooler who’s been scorned by the cheerleader he likes and bullied by the football team into a Jekyll and Hyde-esque character. His Jekyll is Leather Teeth, the front man for the ghoulish glam rock band, Leather Patrol. His Hyde is known only as the Beast, a gruesome slasher who, in typical slasher movie fashion, hunts and kills the band’s groupies. (CONTENT WARNING: Gore and sexual content) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CVqlEwHJrk

When the soundtrack is the movie

Leather Teeth Leather Teeth

A wild half hour worth repeating

Leather Teeth Leather Teeth Leather Teeth
Friday the 13th A Nightmare on Elm Street. Leather Teeth Leather Teeth Top tracks: “Leather Teeth” Recommended if you like:
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