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These games really exist

by Dylan Bateson We all know there are games that make gamers question why they played this game and how exactly it got created. The games in question have a concept that is completely out there and gameplay helps solidify it. These games below are triple-A titles of strangeness because there are a ton of weird independent games out there, and it would take me at least a year to gather that precise Top 5. Now with out a further delay, let's look at five of these weird games that just make your heads turn to the side and say, “huh.”


This game was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2011 and was meet with critical and audience acclaim.  This game is a puzzle platformer and dating simulator, with some horror elements. Catherine takes a unique stance on talking about relationship problems with the conflicted Vincent, as he is afraid of being fully committed to his long time girlfriend Katherine, while a completely different Catherine tempts him with her seductive powers.  As Vincent gets more involved with Catherine it is revealed that she is a succubus and intends to make Vincent her next victim. In this game if you have no idea what is going on then you’re probably enjoying the gameplay to the max. Catherine thrives in the fact that in one moment you’re sleeping next to a sexy woman. Then in the next you’re in a demon dimension where you’ve turned into a goat person solving puzzles to save your life. This game teaches people about remaining loyal to your significant other, as well as teaching people not to trust devilishly attractive women because they’ll try to take your soul, apparently. Isn’t that just marriage?

I am Bread

In this 2015 game you play, as a piece of bread that’s whole goal in life is to become toast. And if you’ve enjoyed this game YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! You’re helping an innocent piece of bread with clear need of therapy to kill itself. What did that piece of bread ever do to you, huh? The only one who gets a free pass is Troy Baker because, besides my eternal man-crush on him, made a video that shows the piece of bread embrace the joys in life and realized the poor life choices made before being turned into toast. This game was also the tipping point for many let’s plays with hilarious commentary and worthwhile entertainment. With its unique style and objective many people flocked to play it and see how they could enjoy being bread. I am Bread is also what made the simulator genre take off in the gaming community.

Katamari Damacy

If you need to an explanation on why this game is one of the weird ones out there in the world, go play it and you’ll understand. For those who don’t have that kind of time I’ll give you the rundown. In this game you literally run over things with a ball made up of other things in the environment you’ve collected until it grows to the size of the planet. And when I say literally everything, I mean everything. You start off rolling together small toys in a child’s bedroom and then slowly roll entire cities and the people in them in order to appease the king of this universe. Oh, did I mention that the king is the dad of the main character? So, combined with the weird gameplay you also have daddy issues. The weird only get weirder.

LSD: Dream Emulator

The title of this game may be deceiving, but this PlayStation gem lets the player enjoy going through a dream, pardon my French, tripping balls. Now it’s not your dream: these are the apparent dreams of Hiroko Nishikawa, who worked at the studio. The game has a cult following and is a challenge for speed runners everywhere. LSD: Dream Emulator has an... interesting gameplay experience, especially since that the further down the rabbit hole you go, the scarier it gets. The first level is happy with bright primary colors and happy little 8-bit creatures that love you. However, the longer you play the game they become less loving and scarier demons from your nightmares emerge.


This game… it’s an experience.  Is it a bad experience? Is it a good experience? That’s up to you. For me looking up this game I can only question the sanity of the people who made it and wonder if I should sue them for damaging my innocent brain. The game focuses on the player raising the egg of a fish, which then grows legs and sets out into the surface world. But this isn’t any ordinary fish; the fish has the face of the game’s producer Yoot Saito. The game is also graced by the voice of Leonard Nemoy as a narrator, which only slightly helps the experience. The controls are also incredibly difficult, as just pressing random buttons will get the game going besides a methodical button pressing system. Now these aren’t the definitive top five games that are too weird for humanity, but just a few that deserve such an honor. There are plenty of them out there, some honorable mentions are, Mister Mosquito, Shaq-fu, and Ai Cho Aniki. Now as long as the gaming industry exists many more weird games will and the only thing that we the people can do is play them, question reality, and then go seek some form of mental help.
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