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Nintendo Switch production increases, boosting Nintendo stock

As of October 6, Nintendo’s stock market price (NTDOY) is at $48.67 per share, which is the best price since 2009, according to Nasdaq charts.

Image from NASDAQ

The company’s main success as of late has been the Nintendo Switch, which sold roughly half a million units more than expected at the device’s launch back in March.

Nintendo Switch consoles are currently difficult to find in stores across the U.S., and Reggie Fils-Aime previously prompted concerns in September warning that Nintendo may not be able to provide enough Switches to meet consumer demand.

Fortunately, Nintendo beefed up its orders for Switch units to 2 million units per month to meet the goal of producing 20 million units for 2017, according to DigiTimes.

Don’t let that be an indicator that it will be easy to obtain during the holidays.

DigiTimes also says that Nintendo plans on selling Switches to China in 2018, while also going on shelves in Taiwan in December. Japan is still undergoing its own shortage of product as well.

With Super Mario Odyssey being such a highly anticipated exclusive for the console, it definitely looks as though the Nintendo Switch will be the hot item for the 2017 holiday season.

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Image: NASDAQPixBay

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