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Apple scrambles for new smartphone patent after foldable Galaxy X confirmation

Apple has filed a smartphone patent in the shock of Samsung’s new direction for its smartphone lineup.

In the past couple of weeks, Samsung released information confirming that their Samsung Galaxy X would be a foldable smartphone. Its rumored release is in 2018.

Apple’s patent is intended to match the Galaxy X, but at the cost of time.

According to The Investor, the production for the OLED flexible panels outside of Samsungmay not start until the year 2020, giving Samsung a massive head start to a possible new standard for the smartphone industry.

This foldable design could prove to solve a minor problem that current smartphones have today. The problem is that current generation smartphones can interact with applications based off the screen touching the surface of the leg while inside the pocket.

This foldable smartphone concept seems to fold like a pocket book, which would not only solve the unintended application interaction but also solve the issue of larger phones’ bulky presence inside the pockets of consumers.

It will be interesting to see how Samsung and Apple compete within the coming years with completely different aspirations to their smartphones.

Samsung will soon have the folding phone, while the iPhone X will soon have the iPhone screen simply stretching to the edges of the phone.

Your move, Apple.

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Image: The Next Web, Pixabay

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