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Animation A-Team S4E1: Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and...

We’re back with a new season and a new name! Anime A-Team is now Animation A-Team: same content, just a new name to better reflect what we talk about. To kick off this season, we’re talking about Jaden Smith’s new show Neo Yokio and it’s insane cast. We try to decipher if it’s a spoof or not, and we ask the question: can American-written animation hold the title of anime? We also took a look at the current Powerpuff Girls cartoon, the controversy it’s caused in the past, and the introduction of a fourth sister.

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm, Courtney Tuchman, Kora Wilson
Edited by: Tyler Wheatley
Graphic by: Daley Wilhelm

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