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PewDiePie says the world doesn’t need ironic Nazi jokes when real Nazis exist

Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjellberg has posted a video to his channel essentially saying that he would stop making jokes about being a Nazi in his videos. Felix was famously cut loose from a contract that the top YouTuber had made with Disney after several pro-Nazi jokes came to light.

Apparently, the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend sparked the decision to change his comedic bits. However, Felix still saw fit to post a few jokes about Charlottesville to his twitter before making this announcement.

One day after his latest joke, Pewdiepie explained the reason for this change: “A bunch of white supremacists got together and started doing what white supremacists do. And this sort of gave me a little bit of perspective, cause technically I got grouped in with these people somehow.”

On August 12, news of activist Heather Heyer’s murder took the national and international media by storm after footage showed a member of the Unite the Right rally using his car as a weapon. The ensuing incident killed Heather and left 19 others injured. Now that Felix has seen how much damage Nazis can do in the 21st century, Felix has decided that Nazi jokes are just not funny anymore.

Source: YouTube

Image: YouTube, Twitter

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