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Official Hamilton App – #ABitOfADisappointment?

“August 11 is going to be a #BitOfADay... for a few reasons.” So was the message from the official Hamilton social media team this past Tuesday. After fans have been waiting for some news about what special thing was happening on August 11, Hamilton the Official App was finally announced and released for free on Android and iOS.

The app description claims it facilitates “Fans’ access to all things Hamilton: An American Musical.” Key features of the app include a ticket lottery, Stickers to share on social media, the “#HamCam” which offers Hamilton-specific filters, news updates about the show, and a store from which fans may purchase official merchandise.

Though the App is sitting pretty with a 4.9 out of five stars on the Google Play Store, the announcement was met with more mixed reactions from fans expecting the release of the long awaited original cast video recording.

The original announcement said that there may be more than one reason for today to be a “#BitOfADay”, so maybe more announcements are on the way. One thing the Hamilton team should keep in mind though? The Internet has its eyes on you.

Source: Facebook, Google Play Store

Images: FacebookThe Wine-Dark Sea

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