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The Nano and Shuffle join the Classic as discontinued

First, it was the ipod Classic in 2014. Now two other ipod models are being shelved by Apple. The tech giant seems to have avoided a large amount of fanfare as it has recently retired the ipod Nano and ipod Shuffle. These signal the last of the MP3 players that did not directly connect to the internet. This leaves the ipod Touch as the only remaining ipod sold through Apple’s official channel.

Once Apple took the ipod tab off their website in June of 2015, many saw the writing on the wall for the once ubiquitous portable music players. When searching for the ipod Shuffle and Nano on the apple website, clicking the pages for those ipods redirects to the Apple Music page. Could this be indicative of Apple’s plans for the future of itunes?

Source: Cnet

Image: Serinletici

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