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Daenerys as a villain? Like father like son?

This article contains spoilers for all episodes of Game of Thrones through Season 7, Episode 2.

Daenerys Targaryen has been a fixture of Game of Thrones for seven seasons now, and as the show comes to an end, many have the Breaker of Chains and the Mother of Dragons pegged as the show’s eventual protagonist. It seems like the perfect ending to the series: Daenerys uses her dragons to defeat the monstrous White Walkers and unite the seven kingdoms under stable rule as is her right by birth. However, hints dropped by various characters over the seasons may be foreshadowing Daenerys becoming just as much a threat to Westeros as any undead ice creature.

The last line of season seven, episode one - "Dragonstone", belonged to Daenerys. Dany looked over the leftover battle plans of the presumably dead Stannis Baratheon, and as she glanced at Tyrion, she asked,  “Shall we begin?”

The last time she asked this question to Tyrion was season six, episode nine - "Battle of the Bastards", when the slave masters decided to lay siege to Meereen. After Tyrion asks his queen what plan she intends on beginning, she responds, “I will crucify the masters. I will set their fleets afire, kill every last one of their soldiers, and return their cities to the dirt.” Tyrion then invokes memories of her father, the Mad King, suggesting that following her plan would be following in her father’s deranged footsteps.

Flashing back to season seven, episode two - "Stormborn", the Queen of Thorns, Olenna Tyrell, advises the young queen to not trust the diplomatic cleverness of Tyrion. What is troubling is how much of an impact Olenna’s words have on Danny. With Tyrion’s advice she was able to take back Meereen, and Olenna is advising Dany not to trust the man she helped frame for his nephew’s murder. Not a great indicator of things to come.

As for Jon, most see him as the most likely incarnation of Azor Ahai. Though others may fit the prophetic guidelines, the show has introduced no major contradictions that rule Jon out as a potential candidate. However, that is not the path he seems to be heading down in season seven. Ever since Jon’s return to Winterfell, he has been emulating a father-figure of his.

The show has even taken a much less subtle approach to visually linking Jon and Ned, recreating a pivotal scene from season one.

With Jon emulating the look and behavior of Ned, one can only wonder how things will turn out for the brooding Nephew of Dragons.

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