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Injustice 2: Special guest DLC characters you could expect

Ever since Mortal Kombat 9, NetherRealm Studios has included some interesting guest characters for their fighting games, and with their parent company being Warner Bros. Interactive, they have plenty of iconic characters to utilize. From the nightmarish Freddy Krueger to the deadly Xenomorph, creative director Ed Boon is always hinting at what fighters will be coming next in the form of DLC. So who else might show up to battle with the world’s greatest heroes and villains of Injustice 2? Find out what unpredictable surprise guests we think will be appearing below.

T-800 (Terminator series)

With Terminator 2: Judgement Day having just celebrated its 25th anniversary and a rumored reboot of the series coming soon, now would be the perfect time to include the killer robot as a special guest character. The T-800, besides being extremely proficient with firearms and hand to hand combat, is also no stranger to fighting heroes of the DC Universe either. Superman went toe-to-toe with the robots in a special 4-part series back in 2000 titled Superman vs. The Terminator: Death to the Future. In the run, the Terminators were upgraded to take on the likes of Superman and the rest of the Justice League making them far more deadly than their film counterparts. With the combination of the character’s comic book past and the promotional timing, it would not be a complete shock to see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face appear in the Injustice universe in the near future.

The Comedian (Watchmen)

Ever since the first Injustice title was released, fans have been clamoring for a character from the Watchmen and with DC’s Rebirth comic run heavily hinting that the Watchmen are coming into the main DC storyline, now would be the perfect time to include someone like the Comedian. Why the Comedian though? Well, the reason the Comedian seems like a more likely character to be included out of the Watchmen cast is because he is the one fans would least expect, something Ed Boon loves to do. Coupled with the fact that fan-favorite Rorschach would translate into a boring brawler fighter and that Dr. Manhattan’s is almost too obvious of a fit for the Injustice game and the Comedian looks the most likely out of the trio. The Comedian himself can easily utilize a combination of firearms and brute strength, making him a more versatile character for NetherRealm to work around. His character is also a good match for the bleak and tyrannical world of the Injustice universe and could easily be written in as a Regime-aligned character.

John Cena

Alright, so this one is probably the most ridiculous prediction but bear with me on this one. For those who do not remember, a few years back the WWE teamed up with NetherRealm to produce a mobile fighting game that was very similar to the Injustice mobile title called WWE: Immortals. One of the characters introduced in the game was John Cena in very Superman-esque attire. With the business partnership already established between NetherRealm and its parent company Warner Bros Entertainment, it does not seem so far fetched to predict the inclusion of a powered up version of the WWE champion – if not strictly for a silly way for the companies to promote one another, something WWE is venturing into with their recent business partnership with Rocket League creators Psyonix. Ed Boon has even emphasized how “you will not see” some of these DLC characters coming in interviews leading up to the release of the game. As angry as it would make some hardcore DC fans, the Internet would absolutely blow up in laughter if NetherRealm ever decided to include a superhero version of John Cena in Injustice as a DLC character.


Outside of Watchmen characters, Spawn has definitely been one of the most requested DLC characters for not only just the Injustice titles, but the Mortal Kombat series as well. No stranger to being a special guest in a fighting series, having been included in Soulcalibur 2, Spawn seems the most likely out of all the characters listed above to be included as a DLC character. The anti-hero would be a perfect fit for the Injustice universe and it wouldn’t be the first time the character has had a run-in with a DC character, having starred with the Caped Crusader in the one-shot comic Spawn/Batman. With Spawn’s many weapons, his signature cape, and his demonic/angelic powers, NetherRealm could easily craft a unique fighting style for the character that could feel like a combination of Scorpion and Lobo from the first Injustice game.

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