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Does 2D Have a Place in a 3D Dominated World?

by Courtney Tuchman I love all things animated, which wouldn’t come across as a surprise if you knew me. American cartoons. Animated movies. Japanese anime. I live for it all, and I’ve never been one to discriminate against animation style. As long as the animation is appropriate for the type of story it needs to tell, I don’t have a problem. But apparently, I might be a lone ranger in this camp. Imagine the total body shock I had when someone told me that he refused to watch cartoons of any kind because they are normally executed in 2D animation. And to that person, 2D animation is primitive.


My immediate thought was rather simple: “Since when, dimwit?!” But then I thought about it, and I wondered if this guy might have a point. Just look at the box office numbers for the final 2D animated Disney princess movie, compared to the 3D animated Disney princess movie that followed. The Princess and the Frog wasn’t even a bad movie, but the flashier, high-tech Tangled blew the frogs out of the water.

Shirobako Singin' in the Rain
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