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Byteing Question Responses: What is your proudest gaming accomplishment and why?

by Byte Staff and Readers CJ Streetman @Galledgiatric

Photo Credit: Gosunoob
Just last year I completed Destiny's Moments of Triumph which was basically to do all the hardest content in the game before the end of Year One. Thanks to some lovely folks from the Dames of Destiny, I was able to get it done with a couple weeks to spare. #screwyouskolas   Kaylee Keesling @unbreakablekk
Photo Credit: VG247
Only crying, like, ten times throughout the 5 episodes of 'Life is Strange'. It's heartbreaking, man. I feel like that's an achievement. I need an award for this.   Jack McGinnis @nativeabearican
Photo Credit: Gamestyle
Playing through Borderlands 2 with every character on every level of difficulty. A.K.A playing Borderlands 2 a total of 18 times! Jessica
Photo Credit: The Toast
Completing my 3-heart Ocarina of Time Masterquest run   Jake Doolin @clingtoascheme
Photo Credit: Nintendo World Report
When I was younger I would go over to my cousins house from time to time to play Super Mario Sunshine. We would never make much progress because they didn't have a memory card, but every time we played we got a little closer. The years passed and newer systems over took the Gamecube and we forgot about Sunshine. But last summer when a wave of nostalgia hit me, I splurged on a Gamecube and a copy of Super Mario Sunshine. It may have taken me a few months (that dang lilypad level!!!) but I finally beat it.