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Kelsey's Favorite Games of 2015

by Byte's Editorial Board It's the end of 2015,  which means it's time to select the best games of the year. To celebrate, members of Byte's editorial board picked their favorite games to highlight. The games below are the favorites of Kelsey Hayes (@IAmYourBossLady), Byte's Video Editor.

3. Fallout Shelter

“Of course, send the domestic servant into a deadly post-apocalyptic wasteland. What could possibly go wrong?”
Source: Dorkly
I know, I know. This game isn’t higher on my list. Being the Fallout fanatic that I am, this placement really is a surprise. It really wasn’t as good as the other two games on my list. This game allows you to take control of a Vault, making sure you keep your people happy and well fed and watered, otherwise they become irradiated and unhappy. Truth be told, it took me three vaults, and five incredibly lucky free lunchboxes before I had any luck with a successful vault. While it may be a mobile game, it is still pretty good, and if you really want to get deep into why Bethesda decided to get into mobile gaming, maybe it was to prepare us for settlement building in Fallout 4? Just something to think about.

2. LEGO Jurassic World

“The key to a happy life is to accept you are never actually in control.”
Source: Xbox
I know I’m 22 years old, and that these LEGO games are meant for kids, but there is an allure to them that I just can’t get over. They are just so dang fun. LEGO Jurassic World is no exception to that rule either. You get to play as your favorite characters from the Jurassic Park movies, including the game’s namesake, Jurassic World. You not only get to play as people, but you also get the opportunity to play as the dinosaurs. So in the big battle scene between the Velociraptors and the T-rex, you get to play as one of the dinosaurs. It’s really pretty cool for an oversized kid like myself. All in all, this game makes number 2 on my list. While it might be pretty great, some of the voice mixing isn’t all that great, so it makes the character’s lines kind of sucky sounding. Other than that, it was a great game.

1. Fallout 4

“The Railroad? Aren't they busy liberating vending machines and saving computers?”
Source: GameSpot
I had been waiting for this game to come out for years, and after such a long wait, I'm glad it wasn't a total disappointment. Very small parts of it were disappointing, such as the name list, and the batteries for the power armor, but it was good in every other aspect. My favorite part of this game is asking the guys in Diamond City what they thought baseball was. It’s rather entertaining, and since you are the person out of time, you actually do know what baseball is. It’s not only the witty dialogue, but it’s also the companions that make this game great. You have Piper, who is full of sass, and I love it. There's also Dogmeat, who is just down right adorable, even though he loves to stand right under your feet sometimes.