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Courtney's Favorite Games of 2015

by Byte's Editorial Staff It's the end of 2015, which means it's time to select the best games of the year. To celebrate, members of Byte's editorial board picked their favorite games to highlight. The games below are the favorites of Courtney Tuchman (@CTuchman), one of Byte's Co-News Editors.

3. Splatoon

“I’ma remix your face!”
Source: GameSpot
Splatoon is different from your average shooting genre. It’s colorful, bright, and absolutely screams Nintendo. The constant influx of free DLC since launch keeps players satisfied with plenty of content. The world it creates is vibrant and brimming with detail. As far as replay value goes, you might find yourself playing into the early hours of the morning with how much fun each battle is. The music is particularly unique as well, as it as an addicting combination of strange sounds that I assume is very popular with the squid kids.

2. Until Dawn

“What, are you tweeting? Hashtag, there’s a freaking ghost after us!”
Source: Forbes
It is quite the achievement to make someone who is terrified of horror games become so addicted to one. It probably has something to do with how gorgeous the game is. In these story driven type games, I often feel like my choices do not always impact the story like they should. However, with Until Dawn, even the slightest mess up could end up killing a character. The “Don’t Move” mechanic makes it even harder to play, especially during those moments where you can’t stop shaking out of fear. It’s a game I’m sure to come back to in order to see how my different choices could affect the story.

1. Life Is Strange

"Wherever I end up after this... in whatever reality... all those moments between us were real, and they'll always be ours." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="641"] Source: Engadget[/caption] Life Is Strange is that rare game that comes out every once in a while with beautiful balance. The characters are given just enough time for players to really get to know them. The story is paced at the perfect degree in order to let events sink in. The suspense after each episode ended leaves those playing with an edge-of-your-seat kind of feeling. It’s heartbreaking, it’s beautiful, and it is definitely my favorite game of the year.