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BYTEing Question Responses: Who is your favorite Borderlands character, and why are they your favorite?

Submitted by BYTE fans

Tiny Tina


Zach Sexton

@zjsexton Tiny Tina. Cause explosions and crazy.

Gunner Bills

Tiny Tina. She has the best tea parties!

Brad Gonzalez

Tiny Tina, because she kept her childish attitude about the world as well as her imagination, but progressively had to grow up. Her character is definitely improved upon in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon's Keep, where it seems like she's denying the fact that Roland is dead, when she is really trying to remember him for who he was.

Handsome Jack


Rodri Meyens

Handsome Jack, because as a villain he is marvelous.

Kelsey Hayes

@IAmYourBossLady I would have to say Handsome Jack. I know he's the villain, but if you really look at his characterization in Borderlands 2, and further characterization in The Pre-Sequel, he really is a complex and interesting character. I liked finding out what made him the person he became in Borderlands 2.

Jason Lars

@Breakupy Handsome Jack, because he is an awesome villain.



Cody Cruz

@irrelevantscrub I love Krieg, because of his British and funny personality and the humor based around him!

Ian Pemberton

Krieg. He's got a brilliant backstory, an interesting character, and he's fun to play as because he just plain and simple kicks ass. Not to mention that his intro video was well-written and the voice actor knows what's going on.

Face McShooty


Jack McGinnis

@NativeAbearican Face McShooty. You shoot him in the face.

Mr. Torgue

mr. tongue

Dalton Martin

@DaltynMartyn My favorite Borderlands character is by far Mr. Torgue. Mr. Torgue can only be described as the spawn of hyper masculinity and a Micheal Bay film, which is simply a brilliant combination for a satirical character. Thanks to Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington (the single greatest name in gaming...ever), we are able to increase the total number of living things exploding ten fold, which is an agenda I can totally get behind.



Daniel Nguyen

@iDroidVision Claptrap. His cowardice is only overshadowed by his overenthusiastic personality. He gets even better when he is transformed in to the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap.



Shawn Sigurdon

@ShawnSig Roland is my favorite character because he's like the leader of the group and he has skills that benefit his teammates in battle.