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Byteing Question Responses: What was the most nerve-racking character death you've witnessed in a story?

Submitted by Byte fans.


Dalton Martin

@DaltynMartyn Terminator2 Some people will weep at the deaths of beloved characters like Old Yeller or that kid from the Fault in Our Stars, but it takes a special kind of sacrifice to bring me to tears. With that in mind, I will never be ashamed to admit that tears formed up during the end of T2: Judgement Day when the T-800 Terminator sacrifices himself to secure a better future for John Conner and humanity. The pure emotion of seeing a tearful young John seemingly watch as his only true father figure lowers into a vat of molten steel is probably one of the most impactful scenes in movie history. Hits me right in the feels every time...

CJ Streetman

@GalledGiatric slack My most memorable character is Dead Draw Domination from RWBYQuest. Their arc is just so wonderful, and their personality is so endearing. Their ultimate sacrifice is both the perfect resolution of their story and simply a perfectly executed bittersweet moment. Forever my favorite character and most memorable character death.

Rachael Finchum

ash stone   The most nerve-racking character death I've witnessed was the death of Ash Ketchum in the first Pokemon movie. Okay, it wasn't actually a death, but who didn't cry when the Pokemon master was turned to stone? And if that didn't get me, the Pokemon crying around him did.

Nadia Baca

me3 ending Let's just say that I'm still not over Mass Effect 3's ending.

Gunner Masters

life is strange Kate Marsh or Chloe Price from Life Is Strange.

Kyle Israel

@struggle_israel zoe barns Zoe Barnes from House of Cards.

Kathleen Eastham

@GlitterKathleen oberyn martell Oberyn Martell.