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BYTEing Question Responses: What is your favorite video game monster and why?

by Features Staff   dan barrows

Courtney Tuchman

I've got to go with Dan Barrows from the 1995 video game Clock Tower. I only say it because it made Jontron throw up candy corn. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Murloc

Patrick Meyer

My favorite is the many different Murlocs from World of Warcraft. These fish-like creatures are not very difficult to kill, but they spawn fast and can easily gain the advantage if you pull more than two. Murlocs are everywhere in Azeroth, and when your a low-level priest running along Westfall's coast, hearing the dreaded "rwlrwlrwlrwl" of the Murloc can give you the deepest sense of dread known. These creatures are so ingrained into World of Warcraft that there's even a song about them. How many monsters can claim that? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ clicker


The Last of Us's Clicker is by far my favorite monster. Nothing has caused me more grief than those things. Even now, they still give me the creeps! Very good monster though. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ king metal slime

Aidan Hall

(@aidanhallbyte) My favorite video game monster would have to be king metal slime from Dragon Quest. Arguably one of the hardest monsters in the game and the one with the highest defense even amongst boss characters, and yet it's this bouncing ball with a goofy, stupid grin on its face that you love to punch in. If it weren't for my king slime hunting it would've been impossible for me to beat DQ9, only because they give great item drops and tons of experience for little effort like Audino in Pokemon, plus they're fun little adorable guys, that can be terrifying at early levels. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ redead

Dalton Martin

(@daltynmartyn) The ReDead enemies from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker are my favorite. Once this thing sees you, it unleashes a hellish scream while its eyes and mouth enlarge. You try to run, but you can't; you're paralyzed. The only thing that awaits you now is the ReDead's cold embrace as it crushes every last one of your heart pieces to bits. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ phalanx

Jack McGinnis

(@NativeAbearican) My favorite video game monster is Phalanx (the 13th Colossus) from Shadow of The Colossus. Phalanx is one of the few colossi that in no way attempts to harm you. It causes this strange dichotomy between the player's intended motive and player's true motive. Perhaps YOU'RE the true monster... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ brute

Lucas Schmidt

(@schmidtyfro) I have never been more afraid while playing a video game than I was when I played Dead Space. The various monsters I fought were terrifying in their own regards, but none made me tense up and clench my jaw as much as the Brute. Sometimes Brutes casually walk around the corner and cross your path. Other times they charge through a wall to give you a good, old-fashioned jump scare. But regardless of how they approach you, a fight with a Brute is always a heart-pounding struggle. Other monsters in the game relied on speed or other attributes to hurt you, but the Brute was a simple freight train of raw power. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ walrider

Eamonn Anderson

Going to have to go with Outlast's Walrider. Not only haunting, but excellently tied to the story to boot. Extra points for using obscure German folklore based on sleep paralysis. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ grace and glory

Aidan Kearney

(@kearnishmas) The answer is 'Man' because humans are the real monsters. *tips fedora* No, but seriously I'm a sucker for a creature that is challenging but super fun to fight. Bayonetta's Grace and Glory start off as some of the hardest enemies in the game, but after a few encounters, they quickly become the most fun enemies to fight. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gengar

Jake Doolin

(@clingtoascheme) Gengar is a monster who's gotten a bad rep. Sure, his Pokédex reading states that Gengar "is happy when it scares people" but that doesn't mean it can't come from a place of love. Something about his big round shape and wicked smile melts my heart even though I know he's probably planning on spooking me. Maybe that's why I've made him a mainstay in every Pokémon team I've ever made, it's safer having him on my side.