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BYTEing Question Responses: What is the best Creepypasta you've read?

by Features Staff

Meghan Duffy

(@Smalls2233) NoEnd House by far. It's a simple enough premise, a guy goes into a haunted house that his heroin-addicted friend told him about. But when he gets inside, it's creepier and more disturbing than he could ever think. Almost like Spooky's House of Jump Scares the rooms start out cheesy, silly and overall not scary, but turn into a horrifying mess of unreality. The story is addictive and interesting. But by far the scariest part out of all of it is how unfinished it is. It's been two years and no NoEnd House 3. But even with NoEnd (see what I did there) it's definitely worth the read. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Aidan Hall

(@aidanhallbyte) I was always a sucker for Pokemon Black Version. I was scared as a kid that if I let my Pokemon faint they'd die and eventually haunt the very console I owned. And so when I was a kid, I'd grind my Pokemon until they were such a high level they couldn't be beaten, and I felt safe throwing them out. But, if they got poisoned, there were times where I'd panic my way to the Pokemon Center. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jack McGinnis

(@NativeAbearican) The Holders. This series of Creepypastas contain a strange, and esoteric, view on human behavior and purpose whilst still maintaining a guise of pure horror that taps into what would really frighten someone in the real world. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CJ Streetman

(@Galledgiatric) My personal favorite is NoEnd House because it's a perfect version of that classic "normal haunted house but something is amiss" story. Very creative, very chilling. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jake Doolin

(@clingtoascheme) To me the scariest Creepypasta is also the one I remember hearing about first. It was at a slumber party in third grade and all the kids wanted to try and bring out Bloody Mary because someone's older brother had told them about it. We all gathered in the bathroom and shut the light off, but no one was brave enough to call for her. I just remember after about five minutes we all left without saying anything and it wasn't brought back up for the rest of the night. But when we were all getting ready to sleep I remember looking at the bathroom through the dark hallway and feeling something was there. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Graham Taylor

(@GrahamTaylor_) Definitely Anasi's Goatman Story. It is, according to the story, a personal account of one teen's encounter with the Goatman. I can't explain why, maybe because of how it was written, but it just creeped me out to no end. I read it in broad daylight, in a classroom, and I was still uneasy for the rest of the day. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Eamonn Anderson

WHO WAS PHONE? is obviously the best of all Creepypasta, but perhaps something slightly more serious is in order here. SCP Foundation is an excellent combination of Creepypasta ranging from the disturbingly hilarious (426 comes to mind) to downright creppy. Connected world between them all and the occasional interaction gives it some nice spice.