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BYTEing Question Responses: If you could dress up as any character for Halloween, who would you be?

Responses submitted by fans ________________________________________________________________________

Brad Gonzalez

sly cooper                       I'm already dressing as Princess Peach (the girl dressing as Mario) but I would love to dress as Sly Cooper. ________________________________________________________________________

Nadia Baca

walking dead                       It would be really cool to dress up as a realistic zombie, such as the ones from The Walking Dead. I tried to do this last year, but... let's say it didn't work out as well as I thought. ________________________________________________________________________


@GlitterKathleen chell                             I would totally love to be Chell from the Portal series! ________________________________________________________________________

CJ Streetman

@GalledGiatric dark souls                         I've always wanted to cosplay one of my characters from any number of RPGs. My big three would be my knight from Dark Souls, my Warlock from Destiny, or my Deathknight from WoW. It would just be such a unique kind of costume. ________________________________________________________________________

Jack McGinnis

@NativeAbearican Trick-R-Treat                         Sam from Trick R Treat! He's like Sackboy from Little Big Planet if Sackboy was possessed by spooky Halloween demons from Halloween Town. ________________________________________________________________________

Courtney Tuchman

sailor moon                           Sailor Moon. Fighting evil my moonlight, winning love by daylight, all day, everyday. ________________________________________________________________________

Eric White

guardians                       I would go as my guardian from Destiny. ________________________________________________________________________

Bailey McComas

@baileymccomas war boy                       I would love to dress up as a Mad Max warboy. I would proceed to arrive at the gates of Valhalla, ALL SHINY AND CHROME!