Ride the MITS Bus!

Getting around Muncie has never been more convenient


With MITS (Muncie Indiana Transit System), public transportation could not be easier!  There are many advantages to riding MITS, such as getting around Muncie easily, avoiding harsh weather and spending less on gas and car maintenance! The MITS bus has fourteen routes covering Muncie, allowing passengers to get almost anywhere they may need to go! And the best part, students ride completely FREE! 

MITS serves the community in many ways. Students who want to save gas money can ride to Ball State University or Ivy Tech Community College! MITS also makes shopping easier by going to Walmart and the Muncie Mall. Looking for something fun to do in your spare time? MITS can take you to the Minnetrista Cultural Center and Downtown Muncie! The MITS bus also makes medical care more accessible by taking passengers to the Indiana University Memorial Hospital. These are only a few popular destinations, as MITS can take you to many different stops in between on its many routes! MITS is also accessible to everyone, as MITSPlus provides door to door assistance to those with disabilities.  

Planning your routes is also very convenient. On the Plan your Trip page, users can insert their current location and the place they want to go, and the website will determine the fastest route and tell you when it is available! You can also download the MITS app for further convenience. If you have any other questions, just call (765) 289-MITS (6437) to speak with the operator. 

MITS is also offering free Wi-Fi on bus 180! This new amenity is very exciting, as it makes traveling more convenient and enjoyable for passengers. This development is still in its experimental phase, but if it goes well, other buses may have access to Wi-Fi as well! Bus 180’s Wi-Fi password is IRIDEFREEWIFI, and users are encouraged to share their experiences. This test unit is meant to evaluate the feasibility of expanding free Wi-Fi access, so passengers feedback is vital to its improvement.  

The MITS bus is in operation Monday through Friday from 6:15 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. and Saturday from 8:15 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. There is no service on Sundays. Some routes are not in operation during evening hours, so make sure to check the schedules for accurate details. Happy travelling! 

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