OPINION: Ball State students should support musicians in Muncie

Story by Jake Williams / Inform Muncie

Editor's Note: This story was originally published in December 2022

Muncie has a plethora of talent within the city. Whether it is Ball State students or natives of the city, Muncie has many great musicians, several of whom I was able to get to know and converse with over my time at Ball State. As an Indianapolis native, I never realized how much talent there was throughout the entire state, and I was amazed by the people here in the city. I was inspired and impressed at people’s hard work with their music and how they reach out to the community with what they do. Ball State students should take the time to support musicians here in the city and what they do.

 In particular, I was impressed with how hard people work on their craft. One of the groups I got to meet this semester was the band Golden Alley. I spoke to all four members and interviewed three of them. They all help each other write songs and they adapt their musical talents to play off each other. Several came from different musical backgrounds and seeing how they developed a chemistry was nothing short of incredible.

Golden Alley is also recording an album they will release in a few months. Creating an album takes so much work, and I observed this while visiting their band house. They have an in-home studio that they use to record their songs. They all work side jobs so that they can live in the house together and put the money together for their music. 

 Sparrxw is a rapper that I have known for a few years, and I was able to interview him for a project this semester. I was very impressed that he was able to make the switch from producer to a rapper. Being able to transition from one aspect of music to another takes a lot of hard work and craft. 

 Sparrxw has also done several shows in the community meant to have a positive impact. He has worked with several other musicians like BlueGiraffeKid to coordinate family friendly events that bring people together. This just shows a great devotion to the community and the work he and others put in to give people a great time. BlueGiraffeKid has been able to meet several musicians in the city and help people network with one another.

 So why should Ball State students get behind musicians in the community? I think if Ball State students show their support, it can help bring people in the larger community together. It also can provide a great link between the community and students. Several musicians in Muncie are not from the city and have been able to connect with the city through their music. If students make the effort to go to shows, they might be able to meet people in the community and connect on a deeper level.

 Often in the news, all we hear about is crime and bad things happening. Seeing how hard these musicians work and what they do for the community brings hope for a better Muncie. If Ball State students support musicians in the city, it can provide positivity and togetherness. It can bring unity to the community.

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