Southcentral Muncie’s Zeus Currie: Big as life

Story by Zeke Hansen / Inform Muncie

Editor's Note: This story was originally published in October, 2022

Zeus Currie is, in multiple respects, a larger-than-life character. Firstly, he shares the same first name as a Greek god. Secondly, he is simply a mountainous man. 6 foot 9, with more than enough weight to play as a nose tackle in the NFL, he will be the first to admit that he is an intimidating person when you first see him. Having that size greatly helps him in his work as a security guard.

The third way in which Currie can be regarded as a larger-than-life character is that, for some kids, he is exactly that. To the kids that attend the shows at Muncie Civic Theatre, he is not Zeus Currie, a 28-year-old born-and-raised in Muncie that works as a security guard, but instead, he’s Shrek, an ogre born-and-raised in the swamp.

Currie got the idea to start acting with the Muncie Civic Theatre when he was hired to work security at one of their events. His intimidating stature combined with his deep, thunderous voice made him the natural choice to play Shrek in the Theater’s upcoming play.

Currie started his security company, Alpha Wolf Security LLC, during the first stretch of the pandemic. Prior to that, he had been working with security equipment on the technical side, but with the lack of in-person events and business for local companies, he soon found himself out of a position.

Already having experience in the realm of security, and having the size to ward off just about anyone, Currie decided that, to make some money, he could start his own security business to service local events in the Muncie area.

The events he has worked the past two years, events like Muncie Pride, have made him proud of the city and the community he’s called his home. Growing up in Muncie and attending the Southside school system, Currie witnessed the city go through some rough times.

Seeing and being a part of those struggles with the community has only increased the joy he now finds in a community he thinks has turned over a new leaf. With his roles as an actor and as a security guard, he hopes to be a part of a community that is all about comradery and love.

For Currie, the ability to be Shrek to the kids that went to the Muncie Civic Theater shows is part of that. It’s a way for him to forward the inspirations that affected him when he was growing up.

His love for comic book characters, which was encouraged by his grandfather, taught him the power of imagination and believing that anything you put your mind to, you can achieve. Those are values he still holds to this day.

He hopes that, by portraying Shrek and interacting with these kids, they too can have that imagination.

Photo by: Hank Nuwer
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