Warm Temperatures Bring Rain Ahead of Weekend

Today: A high of 71 is expected today with clouds obscuring our view of the bright blue sky. A small chance of scattered showers is expected throughout the day due to the rain cell just north of us.

Tonight: As the clouds dissipate briefly temperatures are expected to fall to a low of 57, and winds should shift to be out of the south.

Tomorrow: More clouds are expected to settle in throughout the day before bringing a chance of rain in the evening. Winds will be picking up throughout the day as well peaking around 15 mph with gusts up 25 mph tomorrow evening.

Extended: Life's about to get a little bit more colder as temperatures plummet what will seem like overnight, with highs for next week reaching the low 40's and lows dropping well below freezing bring frost to start the week. Over the weekend though rain will be expected will more of a light to moderate rain on Saturday and more moderate showers with a chance of scattered thunderstorms on Sunday.

--Weather Forecaster Tyler Miller

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