Dorm Furnishings: All You Need to Know About Dorms

Standard college/university/boarding student dormitory room.
Standard college/university/boarding student dormitory room.

 Furnishing a place you haven’t seen before can be tricky. Some questions are still popping up: Do these places have air conditioning? Do I need to bring a chair? So many questions with no answers. Here in the Housing Guide, we’ve got you covered. 

The Ball State Housing & Residence Life page has information on each dorm and their amenities. For your convenience, here is a quick rundown: 

Ball State Residence Halls

1.     North West

2.     Botsford/Swinford (Botswin)

3.     Beyerl

4.     DeHority (DeHo)

5.     Kinghorn

6.     Schmidt/Wilson (Schwilson)

7.     Park

8.     Noyer Complex (Baker/Klipple, Howick/Williams) 

9.     Studebaker East (Stu East)

10.  Studebaker West (Stu West)

11.  Woodworth

Each of the 11 residence halls on campus has their own type of furnishings. All dorms include a:  

1.     Chair 

2.     Desk

3.     Side table 

4.     Dresser

5.     Bed with a mattress 

6.     Wardrobe/closet 

Some optional furnishings to include are a microwave, rug, mirror and a mini fridge with a freezer. The wattage limit for your microwave is 800 watts or less. 

Only two dorm halls have no air-conditioning: Woodworth and Howick/Williams in the Noyer Complex. These halls are also the only dorms that have community-style bathrooms. At these dorms a student can request for an A/C unit.   

What’s the difference between semi-private and community bathrooms? Semi-private bathrooms mean that only two to three rooms use a specifically located bathroom on their floor. Community-style means that the entire floor uses the bathrooms located on that floor. 

All halls are co-ed, and there are seven gender-inclusive dorm halls. North West, Botsford/Swinford, Beyerl, Dehority, Kinghorn, Schmidt/Wilson and Park. These dorms have private, gender-neutral bathrooms. The bathrooms are accessible only by your student ID card for safety.

Moving into the dorms might seem intimating at first with all of the things that you have to keep in mind. However, with a little planning and research, the process will be much smoother.

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