LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Why we do the Muncie Community Schools Partnership Project

Meghan Holt, DN Illustration
Meghan Holt, DN Illustration

Editor's Note: This story is part of The Partnership Project, a series of content written in an effort by The Daily News to follow the formal collaboration of Ball State University and Muncie Community Schools. Read more in this series here.

Dear Reader —

If you step into our newsroom, you might hear a single sentence: The Ball State Daily News writes stories other people aren’t telling.

This is a philosophy that shapes a lot of what we do with our content choices. We want to tell stories that fly under the radar in the Ball State University community and Muncie community. One way we try to connect both of these worlds is through the Partnership Project.

The Partnership Project started because the editorial board of The Daily News decided to have special coverage on Muncie Community Schools (MCS) about the work happening in MCS that isn’t being discussed. When Ball State took on a bigger role with MCS, our two worlds became interconnected to some degree. We wanted our coverage to reflect that.

Some people may say Ball State is disconnected from the Muncie community; it’s easy for a college town to seem like its own universe that doesn’t reflect its surrounding areas. 

The Daily News doesn’t want to be in a bubble, and that’s part of why the Partnership Project was born.

We want to talk about what’s going on in Muncie. We want to tell great stories from MCS. We want to open the doors for better connection between Ball State and the community that surrounds it. 

In this Partnership Project edition of our newspaper, you will find stories from MCS. We hope reading stories about what’s going on in the community outside of Ball State will better connect us all.

Elissa Maudlin: Editor-in-Chief

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