Something for everyone: From The Village to Muncie staples, visit these local restaurants

<p>Greek's Pizzeria is one of the few restaurants in the Village staying closed to dine-in customers. The restaurant's manager, Brian Burk, said the business has stayed open through the COVID-19 lockdown offering delivery and pickup orders. <strong>Jenna Gorsage, DN</strong></p>

Greek's Pizzeria is one of the few restaurants in the Village staying closed to dine-in customers. The restaurant's manager, Brian Burk, said the business has stayed open through the COVID-19 lockdown offering delivery and pickup orders. Jenna Gorsage, DN

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Muncie, Indiana may offer many of the same restaurants as many mid-sized towns in Indiana would, however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t great options. On top of that, Ball State University’s home also plays host to many restaurants that are few and far between and offer not only great food but a great experience. 

Whether these restaurants are on Ball State’s campus or within just a few miles, you’ll find that there are plenty of places to grab a bite in Funcie. 

The Village 

  • Roots Burger Bar

Roots not only offers a great selection of food, but it offers a fun array of weekly events from Trivia Night to Music Bingo, if you choose to go to Roots you’ll have a good time and your taste buds will too. While their burgers are their calling card, Roots offers something for everyone with great appetizers, salads and sandwiches (hot and cold).  The best part about it for Ball State students is location, as it is located right on campus. 

  • Brother’s Bar and Grill

Similar to Roots in it’s weekly events and food discounts, like two dollar burger nights on Tuesdays grouped with Trivia Night, Brother’s offers good times and great eats. Located on many college campuses around the country, Brother’s is a Ball State staple, located in a prime position for student activity. From street tacos to chicken wings, Brother’s has you covered. 

  • Yats 

Adding a completely different flair to The Village, Yats is a cajun restaurant that offers something high quality for those who want something they can’t find anywhere else in their food and restaurants. Spicy foods litter Yats’ menu, meaning there is no better option for someone who likes their food to pack a punch. 

  • Chava’s Mexican Grill

Many students at Ball State may find their sleep schedule is completely different from what it was during the summer. Days where homework keeps you up into the wee hours of the night and you’re hungry because you haven’t eaten dinner means only one thing; a trip to Chava’s is in your near future. Chava’s is open until 3 a.m., making this late night gem for those who always crave mexican food. For those who don’t plan on going in the middle of the night, it’s just as good during normal lunch or dinner time. 

  • HotBox Pizza and Greek’s Pizzeria

There are two pizza restaurants in The Village, both of which are worth your time. At HotBox, you’ll walk in to flame painted walls, cartoons on the TVs and a chance to order many unique kinds of pizza that come with a Tootsie Roll! At Greek’s, it’s more of your traditional pizza place, where you can order classic pies with a red sauce that offers a sweet flavor. 

  • Pita Pit

Much different than anything else in Muncie, Pita Pit seems to be an underrated favorite by many who attend Ball State. Whether you want to create your own pita or order one of the predetermined choices, or even a bowl, Pita Pit has a wide ranging and healthy selection. 

  • Hoku Poké

Rounding out the choices in The Village is Hoku Poké, another hidden gem. Hoku Poké offers their “signature bowls” consisting mainly of seafood/fish and vegetables, or you can create your own. Their real calling card is their bubble tea, something you can’t find anywhere else on Ball State’s campus. 

Muncie Staples

  • Thai Smile (2)

For my money, Thai Smile may just be the best restaurant in Muncie, with big portions, great service and phenomenal food, I’ve never been disappointed by Thai Smile. Located near both Scheumann Stadium and the Ball State softball and baseball complexes, this unique restaurant is not only great, but is only about a mile off campus. Try something new and bring Thai Smile into your life!

  • Puerta Vallarta

One of two absolute Muncie classics, across three locations, Puerta Vallarta is a favorite for anyone who decides to eat there. Along with their infamous chips and salsa, Puerta offers a large selection full of Mexican favorites. Whether you visit Puerta on Tillotson, Broadway or Wheeling, their food and atmosphere rarely disappoint. 

  • Pizza King 

Of course, this listicle wouldn’t be complete without Pizza King. In Muncie alone there are nine Pizza King locations, making it clear that this classic pizza restaurant is beloved by the Muncie community. Although their pizza is clearly what people come for, they also offer great breadsticks and tasty salads and subs. 

  • Twin Archer

In downtown Muncie, Twin Archer is similar to Roots and Brother’s in their menu, but you’ll find they make their food different to where they are still able to be unique. The atmosphere at Twin Archer is a fun one, with drawings from customers all over the walls and great servers. Start off with one of their delicious appetizers and you’ll be sure to stay for the main course. 

  • Amazing Joe’s 

On the borderline of Ball State’s campus with a view of the White River and downtown Muncie from the parking lot sits Amazing Joe’s. This is widely recognized to be one of Muncie’s great local restaurants, due in no small part to their great service and spacious menu. Whether you decide to order fall-off-the-bone ribs, a burger or a beer, chances are you won’t be disappointed when your time at Amazing Joe’s is up. 

  • Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

Near Thai Smile (2), Acapulco Mexican Restaurant doesn’t often get talked about, however, if you get the chance to stop by, it may become a new favorite. Though they offer your ideal Mexican menu, their signature hot sauce and street tacos make this one of Muncie’s hidden gems. 

  • Sitara Indian Restaurant

In the plaza near Payless off Wheeling, Sitara Indian Restaurant offers Muncie locals and Ball State students something different from the norm. Though they have unique hours (11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 5-9 p.m. Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday & 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 5-9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, closed Monday), Sitara can not only fill your hungry stomach, but it’ll do so with foods and flavors unique to Muncie and the surrounding area. 

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