Ball State Bucket List: 50 things you need to do before graduation

Everything you have to do in your four (or more) years of college

With different events and landmarks accessible all year round, Ball State and Muncie are prime destinations for low-cost activities for everyone to enjoy. Here's a list of 50 bucket list items to complete by the time you graduate. 

1 Walk the Cow Path

2  Go to Air Jam

3  See a performance at John R. Emens Auditorium

4  Tailgate at Homecoming and actually go to the football game 

5  Get on the dean’s list

6  Regret taking a class at 8 a.m.

7  Get trapped in an elevator

8 Get lost in the North Quad Building

9 Play volleyball by Studebaker West Complex

10 Attend Late Nite Carnival

11 Eat at Greek’s Pizzeria

12 Donate blood and plasma

13 Attend the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween night 

14 Get a ride from Charlie’s Charter

15 Watch or participate in the Bed Races during Homecoming Week

16 Relax in a hammock in the Quad or University Green

17 Take a photo on the 10th floor of Teachers College

18 Sit under Shafer Tower

19 Donate to Cardinal Kitchen

20 Dress up Frog Baby when it’s cold

21 Say hi to President Mearns

22 Have a dining plus spending spree after finals

23 Join an organization 

24 Get a photo with Charlie Cardinal

25 See a movie at Friday Night Filmworks

26 Go see Buddha at the David Owsley Museum of Art

27 Eat at every dining hall

28 Eat free pancakes from The Christian Campus House

29 Use a meal swipe for just drinks

30 Have your parents visit for family weekend (Sept. 16 to 18)

31 Have a cup of joe at The Caffeinery

32 See fireworks at Minnetrista

33 Rub Frog Baby’s nose during finals week

34 Eat a meal prepared by the Chef in the student center

35 Stay at Bracken after midnight

36 Live off-campus

37 Sign your name on the bathroom wall in the Chug

38 Attend Ball State University’s Dance Marathon

39 Kiss under Beneficence

40 Meet at the Naked Lady

41 Make it onto @Barstoolballst Instagram page

42 Live in Muncie during the summer

43 Use an “oops pass” for parking in the wrong spot

44 Catch a concert at Be Here Now

45 Order Insomnia Cookies past midnight

46 Have a margarita at Puerto Vallarta (when you’re 21+)

47 Do a Muncie bar crawl

48 Follow Ball State Daily on your socials

49 Visit Dave’s Alley in downtown Muncie



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