10 Christmas gifts under $20 for last minute shoppers

The time to buy gifts for our loved ones is sneaking up on us. For last minute Christmas shoppers, consider these 10 gifts to purchase for your friends and family, all under $20. Unsplash, Photo Courtesy
The time to buy gifts for our loved ones is sneaking up on us. For last minute Christmas shoppers, consider these 10 gifts to purchase for your friends and family, all under $20. Unsplash, Photo Courtesy

Classes and extracurriculars can lead to college students being extremely busy. With students finishing up assignments, cramming for finals, and scraping any extra credit that they can get, December can seem like the busiest month of all. Christmas shopping sneaks up on us before we know it. Here is a last minute Christmas gift guide to direct you through your holiday shopping for all of your loved ones, whether they are into technology, cooking or fashion. 

1. The Beauty Guru

The beauty enthusiasts of your life deserve to dip into their hobbies this holiday season. A gua sha and jade roller ($11.99) are a perfect way to show you care. According to the Deciniee company, these beauty tools are said to improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness and relax muscles. Everyone can always utilize more storage, and with traveling becoming more prevalent, it’s likely we’re going to need more containers. This hanging travel organizer bag ($19.99) is the perfect gift for a guru on the go. The bag is available in five colors.

2. The Gaming Master

There’s usually at least one person in your life who loves video games. But, they typically have all the video games that they want to play. They also have a console. So what are you supposed to get them? Control grips ($16.99) are a great gift idea. They are performance thumbsticks that attach to a gaming controller. Not only do they allow for more comfortable game play, but they help improve the accuracy for the player.  If your gaming friend is more of a PC player than a gaming system controller player, a one handed keyboard ($17.99) may be more their style. The keyboard has a built-in game chip, and is suitable for almost all PC games. The keyboard is also backlit, allowing for easier play in the dark. 

3. The Tech Junkie

Typically, all the recommended gifts on Amazon for tech junkies are unaffordable for college students. A bluetooth beanie ($19.99) allows for a person to stay warm and listen to music at the same time. The estimated listening time is ten to twelve hours. If your tech junkie is someone who is easily forgetful, then a bluetooth tracker ($19.99) is the perfect gift for them. They can keep a tab on their valuable item, literally.

4. The Self Care Connoisseur 

After the crazy year 2021 has been, everyone deserves to be a self care connoisseur. Sheet masks, (not the ones for COVID-19), are a perfect way to relax after a long day of stress. This holiday gift set ($15.00) comes with 14 masks. While some prefer physical self care items, others prefer sharpening their mental health. A workbook ($16.99) about learning to love oneself is the perfect bow for this long year.

5. The Bookworm

Picking out the right gifts for a book worm can be difficult. Unless you know the person by heart, you’re unlikely to know what kinds of books they’ll like. But, if your bookworm is a tea lover, a Novel Teas  ($12.50) package may be a great option for them. The package of English Breakfast tea is decorated with literary quotes from all around the world. If your bookworm likes to multitask while enjoying their favorite literature, then a book page holder ($13.99) is a great gift to give. There are three different sizes available.

6. The Jewelry Lover

It’s so hard to pick out the right jewelry, but it becomes easier when it’s personalized. This birthstone jewelry set ($19.49) shows that you care about both their birthday and the holiday. If you’re looking for something more masculine, but still elegant, a bracelet with tiger eye beads ($13.99) is a great option. According to the Mooham jewelry company, the beads' cool feel are said to reduce anxiety. Essential oils can be put into the lava rock beads as well.

7. The Furry Friends 

We often forget that we need to celebrate with our furry friends during the holiday season as well. If you enjoy taking long walks with your animal and wish to keep them hydrated, you’re now able to do it portably. This water dispenser ($16.99) is perfect for pooches on the go. If your animal is one to eat their food too quickly, then a feeding mat ($11.99) could be the solution to your problems. There are three textures on the mat and it is made of 100% food-grade silicone.

8. The Fashion Icon

Everyone can be their own fashion icon. Finding a way to celebrate it through a gift is the tricky part. If your fashion icon wants to design pieces themself, then a fashion sketchbook ($8.99) is the first step to their dream coming true. The notebook showcases different shoes, different patterns, and blank bodies to make designs on. An icon also needs to see what they look like as they get ready to conquer the day. A sturdy mirror ($13.99) will do just the trick. Not only is this mirror portable, but adjustable as well.

9. The Award Winning Chef

If your chef is one who spends a lot of time around the grill, then meat claws ($17.99) are the tool that they are missing. The stainless steel claws are made to rip apart meat and pull pork and chicken. If your chef is more of a baker than a cook, then a bread making gift box ($16.97) will suit their needs. This basket includes a proofing basket, a cloth liner, a dough scraper, a flour duster, a dough cutter and a bread lame.

10. The Memory Keeper

Memories are something we value, but rarely remember to keep in physical form. If your memory keeper loves to use a Polaroid camera, then they need a place to store their prized photographs. This photo album  ($9.99) with 288 pockets will do the job. If your memory keeper likes to reflect and remember how much they’ve changed over the years, then a five year journal ($15.29) will allow them to do so. Every day, a prompt is supplied that they can reflect on five years later.

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