Cardinal Kitchen is a Wallet’s Best Friend

We Have Budgeting Tips to Help You Save


Cardinal Kitchen is proud to be an on-campus organization that helps students who are combating food insecurity. We are located in the L.A Pittenger Student Center, room L-26, from 5-8 p.m. serving students the last three Tuesdays of each month. 

It can be a challenge to responsibly handle money while paying bills, funding your studies and paying rent for off-campus living. We believe these are some helpful tips that will save you money!

1. Pay Attention to price per unit/ounces.

Don’t let’s those price tags fool you! Look a little closer at the price per ounce stickers. They are displayed to help the customer save money by determining which is the better deal. Sometimes it is easy to look past, but that’s why we’re here to help!  

2. Couponing is Key 

In today’s digital age, coupons are available through multiple ways like the mail, apps and coupon books. Some coupon databases collect coupons all in one place to make it easy searching for deals. Don’t forget to read all the fine print! Here is where you’ll find the redemption requirements the coupon qualifies for, including information that will explain how the coupon is acceptable. 

Before you checkout, visit the store’s coupon policy because stores may vary on what can be used for couponing. It could also be beneficial to look into loyalty programs to claim coupons there.

3. Benefits in Bulk

Look beyond the shelves in front of you and see if your grocery store sells products in bulk! This is a great way for people to save their money, especially those who are focused on personal spending. Buying by the pound is significantly cheaper from the smaller sizes you see on shelves. Also, less trips to the grocery store and we all know how time is of the essence as college students.

Cardinal Kitchen’s mission is to help any Cardinal who is seeking food security. We are more than happy to offer any items that you may need to keep you full and healthy. Our service believes these tips would relieve any unnecessary stress that grocery shopping can bring at times. College living is not a simple task and it’s in our best interest to provide free groceries to our hard-working students. 

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