Lowery’s Candies: Muncie’s Sweetest Spot


“Old-fashioned Quality.” It’s a phrase often heard. At Lowery’s Homemade Candies, it’s a reality, and we promise to keep it that way. Lowery’s Candies started making sweet treats in 1941 and has been a family run business for over 78 years. Over the years, Lowery’s has kept the family tradition alive with: 

  • Jealously guarded recipes
  • Search for only the freshest, finest ingredients
  • Absolute commitment to quality

At Lowery’s, we offer a large selection of chocolates, including cremes, nuts and cherries, our special Dark Secrets, assortments, fudge, and unique holiday and occasion packages. We have Halloween inspired suckers, red and pink Valentine’s Day heart boxes, and festive Christmas centerpieces. You can check out our selections on our website, www.loweryscandies.com.

All of our candies are made homemade and handcrafted. Making candy this way takes longer, requires skills learned and practiced over the decades, but it’s the only way to make candy as good as Lowery’s!

If you were to peek behind the doors of our candy kitchens, you’d see crèmes being stirred in copper kettles, toffee being poured out to cool on marble slabs, and each chocolate being hand-dipped for mouthwatering perfection. 

To add to the sweetness, Ball State students get an extra treat for stopping by our store on 6255 W. Kilgore Ave. in Muncie! When you visit, bring along your Ball State Student ID to receive a free candy bar! We are excited that all of the Cardinals are back in Muncie, and we can’t wait to see you soon!

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