Trey Moses awarded NCAA Inspiration Award

MUNCIE, Ind (NewsLink)- Former Ball State Basketball stand-out Trey Moses was awarded the NCAA Inspiration Award. The award is given to those who have dedicated themselves to helping the community and inspiring others. Moses began advocating for mental health due to his own personal struggles.

He found a family on the basketball team, but he still struggled with depression. His teammate and best friend, Zack Hollywood, also struggled with mental health. Hollywood eventually took his own life during Moses’s junior year. This motivated him to begin voicing his struggles to first, health professionals, and then with his team.

“They took me in like I was a brother. Not that I wasn’t one before, but it had a whole different meaning,” Moses said.

He began using his platform as a college athlete to speak to other athletes and explain that it is okay not to be okay. He also volunteered with children and children with disabilities.

“A 'hi' can save someone’s life,” Moses said.

Moses began an apparel line called 24 Reasons. The inspiration came from Hollywood, who wore the number 24 during his time on the team. Once someone purchases an item, 24% of the money goes to 24 different charities.

“I picked charities that I knew Zack and I would care about.”

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